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タイトル: 陸学の「人心」「道心」論 : いわゆる「朱陸折衷」の淵源を辿る
その他のタイトル: On the Theory of Renxin 人心 and Daoxin 道心 in Lu’s School 陸學 : Origin of Zhu-Lu 朱陸Eclectic Philosophy
著者: 中嶋, 諒
ナカジマ, リョウ
Nakajima, Ryo
誌名: 言語 文化 社会
号: 15
開始ページ: 31
終了ページ: 52
抄録: It has generally been said that Lu Jiuyuan’s school, despite its name, in fact gained proximity to Zhu Xi 朱熹 ‘s philosophy during the latter part of the Nan-Song Dynasty 南宋. However, Zhu Xi himself approved of the Lu Jiuyuan 陸九淵 ‘s theory of Renxin and Daoxin. Therefore, Zhu and Lu were not necessarily in opposition at the time. This paper focuses on the philosophies of Lu Jiuyuan, focusing on Yang Jian 楊簡 and Yuan Xie 袁燮, who were Lu’s immediate pupils, in addition to the thoughts of Qian Shi 錢時, who was Yang Jian’s disciple. Lu Jiuyuan, Yuan Xie, and Qian Shi did not overestimate the goodness of human minds, and recognized that these minds include vice and may tend towards wickedness. In other words, the beginnings of Zhu-Lu eclectic philosophy were present from the beginning in Lu Jiuyuan’s thought. Incidentally, Yang Jian was convinced that vice does not initially exist in human minds, and therefore, it is not necessary to improve these minds. For these reasons, Lu’s school was not directly opposed to Zhu Xi’s philosophy, however, Yang Jian may have been responsible for the radicalized opposition of Zhu and Lu’s school.
発行日: 2017-3
ISSN: 13479105
出現コレクション:言語文化社会 1-13(2003-2015)


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