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タイトル: 外国語によるアウトプットを促進するためのMoodle 用スライドショー・モジュールの開発
その他のタイトル: “MediaBoard”- A new Moodle module to share slideshows online
著者: 熊井, 信弘
ポール, ダニエル
クマイ, ノブヒロ
|ポール, ダニエル
Kumai, Nobuhiro
Paul, Daniels
誌名: 言語 文化 社会
号: 15
開始ページ: 41
終了ページ: 53
抄録: This paper reports on the development of a new Moodle module called “MediaBoard,” which is designed to upload and share graphic content online with ther classroom participants. A series of graphic postings with voices recorded either on a mobile device, such as an iPad and Android tablet, or on PCs, can be shared and evaluated within a Moodle course, encouraging interactions among students and instructors in the target language. This version of MediaBoard includes functions such as making and sharing questions about posted content, and feedback in the form of comments and rubrics. However, it was found that there are still compatibility issues with some mobile devices. It is hoped that this module can help students express their own ideas, reflect on their output skills, and develop them further in foreign language courses.
発行日: 2017-3
ISSN: 13479105
出現コレクション:言語文化社会 1-13(2003-2015)


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