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タイトル: Topic Extraction Analysis for Sidoardjo Mudflow Disaster Impacts
その他のタイトル: Topic Extraction Analysis for Sidoardjo Mudflow Disaster Impacts
著者: Yussanti, Nur, Fajrina
白田, 由香利
Riri, Fitri, Sar
Yussanti, Nur, Fajrina
Shirota, Yukari
Riri, Fitri, Sar
誌名: 學習院大學經濟論集
巻: 53
号: 3
開始ページ: 101
終了ページ: 114
抄録: In this paper, we present our work on analyzing the impact of the Mudflow Disaster in Sidoardjo, Indonesia, based on text mining technologies. We conducted a topic extraction using the Latent Dirichlet Allocation model. To handle the difficult expressions and grasp the points, we use various techniques such as bigram segmentation for documents related to the Mudflow in English. The TreeTagger is the morphological analysis tool used. The extracted topics clearly showed the impact of the Sidoardjo Mudflow. The most widely discussed topic found was the resettlement conditions and the compensation for the victim corresponding to the presidential regulation. We also found other frequently mentioned topics, such as the payment of resettlement, water pollution, and the verification process for the households.
発行日: 2016-10
ISSN: 00163953
出現コレクション:學習院大學經濟論集 1-51+(1964-2015)


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