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タイトル: 畳語の諸機能
その他のタイトル: About the Functions of Reduplicated Words
著者: 禹, 旲穎
ウ, デヨン
Woo, Daeyoung
誌名: 学習院大学人文科学論集
号: 24
開始ページ: 25
終了ページ: 57
抄録: Research into the repetition of a sound to create a single word, that is reduplicated words, has focused mainly on the consideration of onomatopoetic words and word forms. This study, however, expands the scope of the research beyond this familiar territory.After reviewing previous researches, and analyzing reduplicated words in Japanese, the primary factors that serve as clues for reduplicated words are narrowed down to the following: Plurality, Iteration and Emphasis. These three factors are examined based on the examples drawn from “1Q84” by Haruki Murakami, to show that it is possible for Emphasis category to have a subordinate category. While for the categories of Plurality and Iteration, it has become clear that the difference in whether to consider the time dimension is deeply concerned to understand the meaning.Ando (1935) says reduplicated words have a Contracting function, and this is seen in Indonesian language family, too. This paper shows that an explanation similar to Ando’s idea of Contraction function is also seen in Chinese language.
発行日: 2015-10
ISSN: 09190791
出現コレクション:学習院大学人文科学論集 1-21+(1992-2012)


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