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タイトル: 韓国語「ul」格名詞句の重出をめぐって : 事実関係を再考する
その他のタイトル: A Study of Double-ul Constructions in Korean
著者: 禹, 旲穎
WOO, Daeyoung
誌名: 学習院大学人文科学論集
号: 23
開始ページ: 1
終了ページ: 40
抄録: In modern Korean it is said that “double-ul constructions”, a transitive verb taking two objects, are used relatively freely. However, it has not been studied how much this constructions are acceptable to native speakers of Korean. In addition, how the “double-ul constructions” can be interpreted in Korean has not given a clear conclusion yet. In order to add up to the previous researches, this paper tries to explore more about the “double-ul constructions” through the following two specifi c points. Firstly, a questionnaire survey about fi ve types of Se, Cengswu (1996a) is conducted. Based on the results, “double-ul constructions” are reconsidered. Secondly, after examining the functions of “case particle” and “auxiliary particle” of Korean “ul”, it is pointed out that “double-ul constructions” actually arise from the intention of the speaker to try to emphasize some specifi c subjects, which indicates a reverse movement of language use from “auxiliary particle” to “case particle”.
発行日: 2014-10
ISSN: 09190791
出現コレクション:学習院大学人文科学論集 1-21+(1992-2012)


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