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タイトル: 平安後期の寺院と国家 : 威儀師・従儀師に注目して
その他のタイトル: Temple in the latter half of the Heian era and nation : especially on the assurance of igishi and jugishi
著者: 吉田, 俊
ヨシダ, シュン
誌名: 学習院大学人文科学論集
号: 23
開始ページ: 1
終了ページ: 34
抄録: This report considers why igishi and jugishi considered to be the national priesthood was put in the infl uential temple such as Todai-ji Temple and Kofuku-ji Temple. About this background circumstances, it is hardly discussed. However, I notice a certain thing when I look at these temples where igishi and jugishi was put . That means that these temples perform national Buddhism ceremony. As an example, if it is Todai-ji Temple, it is jukai. And it is Yuimae if it is Kofuku-ji Temple. In this way, important Buddhism ceremony was performed at the temple where a lot of igishi and jugishi was employed. Because igishi and jugishi is a national government offi cial, there seems to be the intention by the nation. It is an intention that Buddhism ceremony is performed smoothly. Particularly, it is an example of Kanzeon-ji Temple that it appears defi nitely. Originally igishi and jugishi was not put in Kanzeon-ji Temple, but, after the late eleventh century, igishi and jugishi comes to be put. What are this background circumstances? Therefore I think about the reign of the Emperor of this time. At this time, it was the reign of the Emperor Gosanjo. The Emperor Gosanjo is known as the person who performed politics with strong initiative. About the Buddhism policy, his original policy is seen. The intention that is going to bring up a priest is indicated in his Buddhism policy. Based on this, I try to think about an example of Kanzeon-ji Temple. The thing which attract our attention here is that jukai was carried out in Kanzeon-ji Temple. Igishi and jugishi were required to perform jukai normally. Igishi and jugishi supervised jukai so that a priest did not have injustice. You will understand that a role of igishi and jugishi was essential to upbringing of the priest. As the background circumstances that igishi and jugishi was put in Kanzeon-ji Temple, we can notice an intention of the Emperor Gosanjo aiming at priest upbringing. Furthermore, I can say a similar thing about other temples. The reason why igishi and jugishi were employed in the temples was that a nation performed national Buddhism ceremony smoothly. Particularly, it is seen late in the Heian era that igishi and jugishi were employed in the temples. The last part of Heian era was the time when it was important to a nation and temples.
発行日: 2014-10
ISSN: 09190791
出現コレクション:学習院大学人文科学論集 1-21+(1992-2012)


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