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タイトル: From Input to Intelligence Stamina
著者: 山本, 昭夫
ヤマモト, アキオ
誌名: 学習院高等科紀要
号: 10
開始ページ: 1
終了ページ: 27
抄録: Input has been one of the major issues in the fields of fbreign language leaming, teaching, and research. There have been various kinds of leanling and teaching methods that would have been thought to increase the amount of input and some theories examined in research of English as a second  language, or ESL and English as a foreign language, or EFL. However, the leamers of ESL and EFL may not be able to use English proficiently no matter how much input they have if they do not care about the environmental conditions and their physical condition. The environment surrounding  the leamers should not be ignored because it always influences their use of English. Language learning in a different environment leads to far from proficient use of language. Stamina is indispensable when they keep using English. Lack of stamina will prevent the learner from executing  sustainable language communication. This paper aims to cast a spotlight on the environment of learning EFL and stamina in language use. Keywords:Dexterity, EFL,.Flow, Input, Intelligence Stamina,
発行日: 2012-11-1
ISSN: 18813577
出現コレクション:学習院高等科紀要 1-10+(2003-2012)


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