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タイトル: <研究ノート> 製薬産業における限界資本生産性の計測と分析
その他のタイトル: <Note> The Analysis and Estimation of Marginal Capital Productivity in the Pharmaceutical Industry
著者: 黒沢, 文人
クロサワ, フミト
Kurosawa, Fumito
誌名: 学習院大学大学院経済学研究科・経営学研究科研究論集
巻: 7臨増
開始ページ: 103
終了ページ: 123
抄録: In some economic analyses, productivity ls estimated by input data defined by tangible resources such as labor and capital stocks. For industrial growth, however, firms need not only tangible resources but also intangible ones.   In the pharmaceutical industry, research and development(R&D)investment is acritical expenditure affecting future productivity. The future return to R&D investment is generated by future inventions;in other words, present R&D investment provides the source of new technology and new products. In addition, new products and new technologies require accumulation of the results of R&D investment. That is the intangible asset called knowledge capital stock.   In this paper, I estimate marginal capital productivity from the view of intan・ gible capital stocks. I found that the marginal capital productivity of both tangible capital and knowledge capital have been falling steadily over a number of years.
発行日: 1997-10-31
ISSN: 09193901
出現コレクション:経済学研究科・経営学研究科研究論集 1--13,16(1),18-19+(1990-2011)


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