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タイトル: La Guerra Ruso-Japonesa vista por SHIBA Ryôtarô,el gran novelista histórico japonés
著者: 市川, 慎一
イチカワ, シンイチ
Ichikawa, Shin-ichi
誌名: 学習院女子大学紀要
号: 8
開始ページ: 101
終了ページ: 114
抄録: During the long closure of our country〔1636-1868), Catherine II of Russia tried unsuccessfully to open trade with Japan in 1792, fbllowed by several attempts under the same pretext, attempts that proved f士uitless because the Tokugawa Shogunate turned back two missions sent by the tsarina, first fronl Nernuro〔Hokkaido)in 1792 and again f士om Nagasaki〔Ky血sh血)in 1804.       Humiliated by the intransigence of the Edo Shogunate, several Russians, illcluding a lieutenant from a Russian military ship, velltured to enter Japan throtlgh the Gulf of Aniwa at Ezo(=present-day Hokkaido)in 1806. They attacked the indigenous people and plundered their provisions of fbod.       However, in the wake of the United States and France just prior to the reopening of the collntry, imperial Russia managed to conclude a Treaty of Friendship between the two collntries i11 1858.       Nevertheless, the new Me勾i government colltinued to look askance at inlperial Russia’s.policy of advancing southward, In opposition to its strategy, which included taking Manchuria and parts of I〈orea, Japan was obliged to dec玉are war against our neighbour in 1904.       SHIBA Ry6tar6〔1923-1996)〔1), one of contenlporary Japan’s nlost celebrated novelists, made this war the su切ect of a serial novel,“S盈尻no ae no leamo”〔Cloads Oyθr がz8 Slope)〔1968-1972〕.
発行日: 2006-3-31
ISSN: 13447378
出現コレクション:学習院女子大学紀要 1-18+(1999-2016)


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