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タイトル: Can the Cheetach Catch the Warthog? Reading stamina in EFL
著者: 山本, 昭夫
ヤマモト, アキオ
Yamamoto, Akio
誌名: 学習院高等科紀要
号: 7
開始ページ: 1
終了ページ: 9
抄録: This paper emphasizes the importance of stamina in the EFL context and makes an attempt to seek a way of doing research on‘reading stamina’in the future. First, we will give an overview of the present situation of reading class in Japan and leam that we might have underestimated stamina in EFL. Second,‘reading stamina’will be introduced. Third, the way to develop reading stamina will be proposed by clarifying the type of knowledge we need to have in EFL, claiming the efficacy of extensive reading, and presenting a modified model of Cummin’s dual iceberg analogy. Finally, we will discuss what we have to examine in the research on reading stamina.
発行日: 2009-10-14
出現コレクション:学習院高等科紀要 1-10+(2003-2012)


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